Tibet’s ancient civilizations and culture flourished behind a Tibet Culture veil of mystery and secrecy, capturing our imagination throughout history. Tibet in forbidden for centuries to travelers, But no longer is this destination for only the most daring explorers. Despite years of social upheaval, Tibet’s grandeur, magic and mystery still remain undiminished. Tibet’s breathtaking Himalayan range rises from the Tibetan Plateau; the ancient sacred domain of Lhasa, capital of Tibet and former home of the Dalai Lama.

See some of the greatest monasteries and temples in Central and Eastern Tibet, where lush green hills encircle the Kichu and Brahmaputra valleys, acting as guardians to such magical places as Drak Yerpa and Lhamo Lhatso; and the far eastern reaches of fertile Kham and the grasslands of Amdo. These are but a few places we can escort you, either by air, road and by foot. We’ll provide you with all necessary information on equipment and permit requirements. With limited travel season (April to October) advance reservations are highly recommended to assure air transport availability.

Geographically, Tibet lies beyond the trans-Himalaya chain of mountains and has minimal rainfall and sunny days. For those traveling to the Kailash region, the best time to visit is from May to September. Mid-day temperatures in this region could rise to as high as 22 degrees Celsius with evening temperatures as low as 8 degrees Celsius, to 12 degrees below zero. March to November is the best time to visit central Tibet.

We will arrange all overland transportation. A coach will be provided for the Kathmandu-Kodari-Kathmandu portion of the trip, and 4WD Toyota land cruisers for transport in Tibet. A support truck will carry the necessary camping gear and supplies. Yaks and yak men are arranged to carry camping gears and equipments while trekking.

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